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My in- laws purchased contempory table and chairs from Haynes Hull street Location the end of Feb 2008. When it was delivered it had a nice app.

1 inch peice of missing wood on the edge of the table top.

They talked my father in law into accepting it with the guarantee a repairman could fix it. The repairman came on 3/18/08 and told my husband who met with him that it was "distressed" furniture and was supposed to be like that. I called him back on his cell within a half hour of this and explained this was not distreesed furniture, but damaged furniture. I called the store manager who told me we should have just sent it back the first day.

Nine days later we had not heard back from them and when I calle d they said since the repairman said it was distressed wood they would not replace it. Then they told me the only way to resolve it was to take apicture with a digital camera which I don't own or meet the repairman back out there. I told them I didn't have time for all this. I sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau which it seems have been done with Haynes quite a bit.

The real topper is my in-laws had also cancelled an order of two lounge chairs which were never delivered or even shipped from the warehouse. They were assured that this would not be on their credit card..well guess what as of 3/28 it was still on their credit card and my father-inlaw paid the whole bill as to avoid interest. I told him he needed to let American Express know that at this point this was fraud..My in-laws had planned to go back and find more lounge chairs that would work, but now state they will only do business with Butterworth's furniture(which by the way has no Better Business claims in the past three yrs compared to at least 11 counting ours in the past 12 months at the Richmond Haynes...

Beware Buyers!!!

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