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I have been very certain that Haynes Furniture has an endless variety of bedroom suites, dining room suites, breakfast nooks, and rug collections. I am impressed with the great selections of couches and recliners as well as the enormous amount of endless set of mattresses that are usually on sale a good bit of the time.

I am very certain to keep filling up my house with a very large variety of furniture including replacing our dining room chairs but there is one thing that did bother me. My neice , Cathy Caron , who works in the Virginia Beach store said that no one in her department was allowed to attend the pregame Super Bowl pizza party on Thursday.

She said she is ready to resign and go work elsewhere since her department already has had a lot of workers departing in the last few months due to poor , incompetent, and unkind management which oppresses its employees. Cathy said that they are not allowed to eat their breakfast in the break room anymore and they are not permitted to use the break room's phone even in the event of an emergency.

Reason of review: Happy for another reason.

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Being a customer service rep means working about 6 days a week including weekends and having to start out on 8.99 per hour. I got paid better than that when I worked at Walmart over 2 year ago.

I was only allowed to have only 3 weeks off for maternity leave. The managers of this department work us like we were pack mules.


In customer service, we were afraid to report anyone to management or to even report managers for any wrongdoing. Reporting a coworker made someone known as a rat and reporting a supervisor or a manager got a few coworkers fired in the last few months from customer service.


I agree with the recent complaint voiced by the lady in customer service whom I work with and I know that reverse discrimination and religious discrimination still goes on at Hayes Furniture and that all managers are reluctant to deal with the problem out of fear of possible lawsuits.


I used to work in customer service and recall what they went through. The customer service representative mentioned is Cathy Cowen, not Cathy Caron.

She was always a dependable coworker. I was taking heart medication when I worked there and I had to eat a snack before and after I took my medication. I was terminated because I filed a complaint about my supervisors not allowing me to take my meds when I needed to and usually one of the 3 supervisors, Ann Nimmo, Cindy Arthur, or Susan Handgarter was always following me to the ladies restroom and I complained about my privacy being invaded by them following me. HR didn't believe me despite proof from my doctor about my heart condition so HR decided to terminate me as a result.

Just like the person said in the recent statement, we are not allowed to use the break room's phone even if we have to contact our doctor or family even if our health situation is emergency related. Our customer service department has had the nickname of being the slavery department service.

They need to put a sign on their front door which says, "only healthy people are allowed to apply". If they hear you or a coworker make a comment about going to church, the customer service managers use that as an opportunity to discriminate.

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