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On 2 January 2009 I purchased a sofa at the Dump in Hampton Virginia. The dump is a subsidiary of Haynes Furniture. Within months of the purchase, the three bottom cushions fell apart. I contacted Greg Roberts, the store manager at the Dump. After a number of months of calling Greg, he gave me cushion covers. I put them on myself and brought them home.

Within months of replacing the covers, one of the three bottom cushions fell apart again. A few months later, the back cushion (which is attached to the sofa and not able to be replaced) opened up at the seam. The stuffing is falling out of the sofa.

I contacted Mr. Roberts again in September 2010. Mr. Roberts refused to do anything to replace the sofa. He refused a refund or a partial refund. I sent him photos (attached) of the issues with the sofa. He did not respond to the photos.

Someone who purchases a sofa for $549.00 plus tax expects it to last more than a few months. The Dump refuses to stand behind their product.

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aaah get a clue dude... the dump hmmmm probably not a good idea

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #220007

The DUMP is owned by HAYNES and if you have half a brain you will find that the DUMP is named for that reason...think about it

Kasukabe, Saitama, Japan #207759

Thank you for contacting us. We value your business, and hope you will allow us to make your situation right by contacting our customer service department directly. Thank you

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