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I purchased a bedroom suit and mattress from Haynes Furniture. On delivery day, Thursday, we had the room clear and ready for the new furniture to be set up.

The delivery people assembled the furniture and brought in the new mattress. After they left, we realized the mattress was not the one we bought. We called immediately. Our salesman, Doug Moyer, admits he keyed in the wrong item number.

We asked that the problem be corrected on Friday/Saturday so no one would have to miss more work waiting on another delivery. He said that should be okay and it would probably be Saturday. He would look into it and call me back that evening. I had the phone with me at all times and never got that call.

The next morning we found out that Mr. Moyer had arranged for the correct mattress to be delivered the following Thursday. He didn't notify me I assume because he knew that would not be satisfactory to me. On Friday morning I spoke with the store manager, Grayson Taylor, who told me they only deliver to this area on Thursday.

I understand this when you are talking about a new purchase, but when resolving a problem they caused I feel they need to make it convenient for me NOT THEM. We did our part and accommodated their "Thursday only" delivery and they messed up. Although they acknowledge that it is their mistake, it is my problem. In order not to be stuck with what I feel is a far inferior mattress for premium money (possibly their goal) more time from work must be missed and more money lost on our part.

In my opinion, when they mess up they need to fix it asap whether it be by hiring an outside contractor and a UHaul or having their own delivery people make a special extra run...I don't care! My resolution is a Friday/Saturday fix or they can pick everything up and give me my money back. Haynes Furniture will do neither of those and I am left with no recourse except to take what they offer and deal with it.

I am left with a very bad feelings toward Haynes Furniture and a vow to NEVER shop there again!!! From here out, my suggestion to anyone looking to buy furniture is to buy it anywhere except Haynes furniture!!!

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